About Us

There are wonderful authors out there and there are avid readers out there. But are these two parts of the same coin (book in this case) always connected to each other? Do writers always receive the kind of reviews and discussions they deserve on their books? Do readers always find the right kind of books they wish to read? Do they get a chance to connect personally with the authors of the books they are reading? The answer to all of the above might be an emphatic ‘No’. And this is where The Book Buzz comes into the picture.

Hola Authors, The Book Buzz can’t wait to create a buzz around your books!

At The Book Buzz, we invite new authors, who do not always have a ready market for their books, to share their book links (amazon, Flipkart) with us and get free Book Reviews from us. This would help them in increasing the visibility of their books, thereby increasing their sales. In addition, we promote these books on our social handles so that it reaches the target audience throughout the month. Needless to mention, it is a golden opportunity for authors to get their book maximum visibility without having to pay a penny.

Hola Readers, The Book Buzz is looking for avid readers like you!

Are you an avid reader? Do you love giving new authors a chance by reading their work? Do you always leave a review once you’ve read their book? Do you love endorsing new authors and their write-ups? If your answers comprise just one word i.e. ‘Yes’, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s join hands and strive to provide the new talents with a platform that would help them thrive. At The Book Buzz, we are inviting avid readers, who would love to read and review books for us.

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