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So Here’s the 1st post by the team #TBB (The Book Buzz) kick-starting our contest – “Did you know?” Contest.

The author we chose for our First Entry is the multifaceted, enormously talented and hugely revered by one and all – Satyajit Ray!

Did you know?
– Ray started writing at the ripe age of 40!! Yes yes yes. All the Feludas and scientist Professor Shonkus and the numerous short stories happened only after he hit the 40 mark!

– If you have held the physical copy of Jim Corbett’s – ‘Man Eaters of Kumaon’ or Jawahar Lal Nehru’s ‘Discovery of India’ in your hands and were wondering who did the cover illustrations of the same, well…Its Ray!

– Dadasaheb Phalke award-winning actor and Ray’s favourite – Soumitra Chatterjee had approached Ray for suggesting a name for a little magazine which Chatterjee along with Nirmalya Acharya founded in 1961. Ray not only named the magazine ‘Ekkhon’ (Now), he even designed the inaugural cover page and used to illustrate the cover pages regularly even after Soumitra stopped editing the magazine. Several of Ray’s scripts were published in the magazine.

P.S – If you know of similar, lesser-known intriguing facts about famous people, don’t keep it to yourself, Share!!! We have already received multiple entries from all you fantastic people. Share your entries, we will post all of them with due credits. Contest is opened till 10th August. 
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Here are the winning entries for the “Did You Know?” contest.

✨✨✨✨Winning Entry Number 1 : Pathik Mitra ✨✨✨✨

Did you know??

George Prosper Hemi who later became famous by the name ‘Cartoonist Herge’ had first created ‘Tintin’ in 1929 during his tenure with the Catholic Conservative Newspaper.

When Herge was going through tremendous turmoil in his personal life (his first marriage broke) he ended up writing ‘Tintin in Tibet’, which according to him is his best work!

Pathik Mitra

Herge never visited most of the countries where Tintin travelled including India, Congo, America & Russia which are known for their distinct cultures. Just imagine how vivid his imagination and research was that he could replicate the scenes in these countries with such comic precision in the days where computers itself were not born, forget Google and Youtube. The legendary Satyajit Ray was himself a Tintin addict and had even written to Herge complimenting him for his eye for detail.

In his last days, unfortunately, Herge lost interest in Tintin and wanted to establish himself as an abstract artist. Bad luck folks, if he was fully interested in Tintin all his life then we may have had double the number of Tintin books than what we have.

✨✨✨✨Winning Entry Number 2 : Ananya Aloke ✨✨✨✨

Did you know??

King of horror: Since ‘Bag of Bones’ fell into my hands, Stephen King has been my favourite novelist. Renowned as the ‘king of horror’, he has chilled millions of readers through his ghosts, terrific murderers and psychological thrillers. Yet, not many are aware of Stephen King’s own peculiar fear. So, here’s my ‘Did you Know’? entry for Stephen King.

Ananya Aloke

King is mortally scared of the number 13. Something which sounds as if it is straight out of one of his own books, fear of the number 13 is an actual mental disorder.
Affecting upto ten percent of US population, it causes panic attacks in many of its victims. In the case of King, it has manifested in several impractical ways. He skips the thirteenth step of each staircase by jumping from the twelfth to the fourteenth step directly. He even does not finish reading pages marked with numbers such as 85, 742 and 391 whose digits add up to be 13. When Friday the 13th –that is, 13th date of a month being Friday– occurs thrice in a year, Stephen King is especially fearful.

Winning entry by Ananya Aloke

✨✨✨✨Winning Entry Number 3 : Shasya Sinde ✨✨✨✨

Shasya Shinde

Did you Know??
Roald Dahl- Interesting Facts

Let me tell you about an old pal,
Who goes by the name, Roald Dahl,
What an adventurous life he had!
He was no ordinary lad.

At 6 feet 6, he was taller than the rest,
And we all know as a writer he was the best.
Not many know he was a pilot in World War 2,
And he crash-landed into spying too!

He took inspiration from real-life folks,
Be it Willy Wonka from the posts,
Or the wicked old lady from the candy store,
Who inspired him to write ‘witches’ the lore.

Testing chocolate in the factory of Cadbury
Gave him the idea of penning the beloved Charlie and the chocolate factory
In the same tiny cottage, he wrote day and night
Coining new words with all his might.

His school years were not very nice
But he went on to script the Bond movie, ‘You only live twice’
If you have found his books worth a read
I’m sure you’ll agree his life is as interesting indeed!

-Shasya Shinde

✨✨✨✨Winning Entry Number 4 : Hukam Verma ✨✨✨✨

Did You Know???

The title of “Rashtra Kavi” was conferred on Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt” by none other than the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi in 1936 on the golden jubilee birthday of the poet.

Sri Maithili Sharan Gupt remained a nominated member of Rajya Sabha for two terms and throughout his tenure, he always expressed his views in ‘poetical’ form ☺️

Winner Hukam Verma

Gupt married thrice as his first two wives expired before he was twenty-eight.The third wife delivered had eight babies, but only 1 survived.

Sri Gupt was a perfect host and always treated the visitors with his favourite laddus.

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!!

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