Matinee Men – A Book Review

‘Matinee Men’ by eminent film journalist Roshmila Bhattacharya explores the filmography (briefly), lives and times of 13 of the most popular heroes who came, saw, conquered and ruled the kingdom of Bollywood in various periods of time. Her personal experiences and interactions with these men, right from the time of being a ‘cub journalist’ inContinue reading “Matinee Men – A Book Review”

Life After The Floods – A book Review

‘Life After Floods’ written by Anu Lal takes the readers back to tumultuous month of August in the year 2018 that remains a dark chapter in the history of Kerala.The floods have been termed as a natural calamity since many human lives were lost. The floods occurred in the last week of July and followedContinue reading “Life After The Floods – A book Review”

In the Time of the Others – A book review

As a Bengali, the formation of Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan, doesn’t cease to intrigue us. This book is set upon a time frame of 9-10 months during 1971 and the fact that it got longlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2019 caught many reader’s attention, including mine. Debut author Nadeem Zaman in thisContinue reading “In the Time of the Others – A book review”

Hiraeth – A Book Review

In the seven decades since India was partitioned, more than 25 million refugees have crossed the new frontiers mapped out by Radcliffe. A holocaust that is still fresh in our memories, its wounds yet to heal, its repercussions irrevocable. The unbelievable human savagery that wrought the lives of millions of common men who had nothingContinue reading “Hiraeth – A Book Review”

Kanha To Krishna – A Book Review

Kanha to Krishna is the debut book of Pranab Mullick who is otherwise practicing as an Advocate in the Supreme Court of India for the last 28 years. The book belongs to the now popular genre of mythological fiction. As the title suggests, this book is about the journey of Kanha the Gop to KrishnaContinue reading “Kanha To Krishna – A Book Review”

‘The Deadly Dozen’ – India’s most notorious serial Killers – A Book Review

A man who makes passionate love with naïve women and then kills them by giving away cyanide in the guise of contraceptive pills, a pimp who goes into a killing spree and burns alive women in the fit of rage, a woman who kills in a row by manipulating the minds of women in personalContinue reading “‘The Deadly Dozen’ – India’s most notorious serial Killers – A Book Review”

Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic – Book Review:

The book, as its blurb describes it, is the story of a thirty-year-old ‘brand-spanking-new’ widow, Madhubala Ray who lives in Chennai with her seventy-year-old Mother in Law. Written as diary entries by the protagonist, the novel begins with her, wallowing in her husband’s loss. As she bares it all in her diary, you are introduced toContinue reading “Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic – Book Review:”

Escape Velocity – A Book Review

At the outset, the book intrigues you with its mind-blowing subtitle – ‘Not all that spins away is lost, not all that comes home is familiar’. These two lines, in nutshell, encapsulates the spirit of all the 13 stories in the book. Written by 13 women authors, all living in Delhi, ‘Escape Velocity’ is asContinue reading “Escape Velocity – A Book Review”

Soul Connection – A Book Review

Soul Connection by Saurabh Turakhia is a single author anthology consisting of 30 stories. Though they are all stand-alone stories and can be read in any particular order, as I read each one of them, I detected a common thread running through all of them. At the centre of most stories are quirky protagonists often with anContinue reading “Soul Connection – A Book Review”

1971, a collection of short stories – Book Review

Poignant, brutal and honest, the characters in ‘71 – A collection of short stories’ by Bangladeshi author and scholar Rashid Askari and published by Rubric Publishing, evokes emotions that tug a string in your hearts. The Liberation War in Bangladesh that saw mass blood bath, plunder and unthinkable human suffering in 1971, has been effectively captured inContinue reading “1971, a collection of short stories – Book Review”