Unfettered Wings – Book Review

Honest, sublime and unputdownable, Sana Munir’s ‘Unfettered Wings’ speaks of many worlds and paints many hues with its own distinct colors in the mind’s firmament. A girl caught in the midst of the Partition mayhem who after losing everyone dear to her finally marries a man twice her age for the sake of refuge, aContinue reading “Unfettered Wings – Book Review”

Twin Tales from Kutcch: A Book Review

Book : Twin Tales from Kutcch Author: Saeed Ibrahim. Imagine walking through the sands of time in Gujarat and Mumbai during colonial times – a period well known for thriving businesses, flourishing European architectures, antique shipping and trade, traditional mouth watering cuisines, struggle and gradual transformation of lifestyle. Often, the past is forgotten in some cornerContinue reading “Twin Tales from Kutcch: A Book Review”

The Unsafe Asylum – a Book Review

“Is it partition time again? Ma asked when I drove her to the station to put her on a train.Feeling her heart pounding against my chest, I patted her on the back and said, ‘Don’t be silly. Partitions do not happen every day.’ ‘The unsafe asylum – Stories of Partition and madness’ is a collectionContinue reading “The Unsafe Asylum – a Book Review”