‘The Deadly Dozen’ – India’s most notorious serial Killers – A Book Review

A man who makes passionate love with naïve women and then kills them by giving away cyanide in the guise of contraceptive pills, a pimp who goes into a killing spree and burns alive women in the fit of rage, a woman who kills in a row by manipulating the minds of women in personal […]

Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic – Book Review:

The book, as its blurb describes it, is the story of a thirty-year-old ‘brand-spanking-new’ widow, Madhubala Ray who lives in Chennai with her seventy-year-old Mother in Law. Written as diary entries by the protagonist, the novel begins with her, wallowing in her husband’s loss. As she bares it all in her diary, you are introduced to […]

1971, a collection of short stories – Book Review

Poignant, brutal and honest, the characters in ‘71 – A collection of short stories’ by Bangladeshi author and scholar Rashid Askari and published by Rubric Publishing, evokes emotions that tug a string in your hearts. The Liberation War in Bangladesh that saw mass blood bath, plunder and unthinkable human suffering in 1971, has been effectively captured in […]

Unfettered Wings – Book Review

Honest, sublime and unputdownable, Sana Munir’s ‘Unfettered Wings’ speaks of many worlds and paints many hues with its own distinct colors in the mind’s firmament. A girl caught in the midst of the Partition mayhem who after losing everyone dear to her finally marries a man twice her age for the sake of refuge, a […]

Twin Tales from Kutcch: A Book Review

Book : Twin Tales from Kutcch Author: Saeed Ibrahim. Imagine walking through the sands of time in Gujarat and Mumbai during colonial times – a period well known for thriving businesses, flourishing European architectures, antique shipping and trade, traditional mouth watering cuisines, struggle and gradual transformation of lifestyle. Often, the past is forgotten in some corner […]

The Unsafe Asylum – a Book Review

“Is it partition time again? Ma asked when I drove her to the station to put her on a train.Feeling her heart pounding against my chest, I patted her on the back and said, ‘Don’t be silly. Partitions do not happen every day.’ ‘The unsafe asylum – Stories of Partition and madness’ is a collection […]