Life After The Floods – A book Review

‘Life After Floods’ written by Anu Lal takes the readers back to tumultuous month of August in the year 2018 that remains a dark chapter in the history of Kerala.
The floods have been termed as a natural calamity since many human lives were lost. The floods occurred in the last week of July and followed until the third week of August.

Anu Lal belonging to state himself gives us a clear picture of the catastrophe. he writes how Telecommunications systems failed, electricity was disconnected due to fear of short circuits and electrical choking, the floods killed everyone’s spirits.
The central government of India pressed the Navy and the Air force.

Most of the sick were transferred to shelter houses and were fed through community kitchens.
More than one million people were displaced and more than 400 reported deaths in a few weeks wreaked havoc and brought the state to a complete halt.
Most were deprived of food.
Frightful sights of snakes sneaking out from the roofs of the houses were a common sight.
Elderly women were carefully taken in chairs and boats, in some places, there was airlifting too.
The author also mentions that the immense loss was due to the opening of the flood gates at various places.

The book has captured the actual details and since the Author has witnessed the incident, his vivid description can be a very good document of the incident for anyone who would like to read about it in detail.
Apart from this, the book also narrates short, interesting essays in the form of tales with two characters on various topics like on Celebration of Onam, Women’s Day in Kerala, Chicken, etc.

The language is easy to read and intelligible.
The Title and Book Cover resonates with the major part of the story.
I personally liked the essay on Floods and Celebration of Onam which is connected to Search of Man.
The book is a very short read and can be finished in a few hours. With interesting anecdotes, the book is very engaging and especially for the Malayalis, it would be a treat!

Recommend it to all.

Ratings: ****/5

Review done by Vasuki Book Reviewer.

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