Who We Are

The Book Buzz is a Digital Book Club that aims to explore and discuss the wonderful works of ‘new authors’ or authors who are couple of books older, and increase the reach and visibility of their books by sharing their work in the form of engaging reviews.

As we all know there is very limited market for ‘new authors’, and hence more often than not, their works get lost under the labyrinth of time. We at ‘The Book Buzz’ wish to change that. On this page, we aim to review the works of new authors (in both video and written format), thereby simultaneously connecting them with their readers. Through our various activities, we aim to effectuate our goal. So all you new authors and readers out there!! Do join our movement and let’s together bring about this much needed change – that of reading less known and brilliant authors. Let’s make ‘reading’ our super power. Let’s talk new authors, let’s talk new genres, let’s talk Books!

What We Do

We select 3-4 books each month written by new age authors. Interested readers along with the Book Buzz Team reads these books. Our readers then post their reviews on our Facebook & Instagram page, Amazon, and Goodreads. The Book Buzz Team, however, would post an elaborated video/ written review on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Goodreads and on our website.

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